Bob has written several best-selling books about advertising and marketing. Here is what Time. Inc had to say about Bob's most recent book,  Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey.

"Many of you already read the fantastic Bob ‘The Ad Contrarian’ Hoffman’s blog so you will know about his fabulously irreverent style, his cynicism around what he calls the ‘new media evangelists’ and the clever way he sees beyond the ‘facts’ of research to find the real story.
...a brutally honest look at the industry today and how jargon, marketing ‘doublespeak’ and the out of control world of ‘branding’ have made us all incapable of seeing through the smoke and mirrors that now dominate our worlds. WARNING: This book will make you laugh out loud..."

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Bob's writing has appeared in many online and printed publications

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The Wall Street Journal calls The Ad Contrarian  blog "caustic, yet truthful." Business Insider named it one of the world's most influential advertising and marketing blogs. People have viewed it over six million times.

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