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Bob's controversial and provocative opinions provide the perfect keynote for a stimulating conference or meeting.

Summary of Bob's talks:

Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey
Marketers have lost touch with the average consumer. They are living in a dream world of their own invention. It is fed by a cultural echo chamber of books, articles and conferences in which people like them talk to people like them. This talk explores the gap between how marketers think and consumers behave. It focuses on what Bob calls three pervasive marketing delusions: the brand delusion, the digital delusion, and the age delusion.

The Devaluation Of Creativity
"Creativity is the agency business’ only unique value to clients. Everything else agencies do clients can get somewhere else. Regardless of how brilliant the briefs we write are, and the strategies we develop are, and plans we implement are, at the end of the line are the people who will take our plans and strategies and briefs and turn them into magic or turn them into trash. They’re our creatives. For better or worse, the consumer never sees the briefing documents or the strategic rationale. All she ever sees are the ads. And if the ads stink, the whole thing stinks.

The Battle For The World's Most Valuable Customer
Nielsen calls them ““The most valuable generation in the history of marketing.”  Forbes calls them “The most ignored wealthy people in the history of marketing.”  Even though they control about 70% of the nation’s wealth and are responsible for over half of consumer spending, they are the target for only 10% of marketing activity. This talk is about the legends and myths regarding consumers over 50. And the enormous mistake marketers are making by ignoring them.

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“The presentation was fabulous and feedback afterward was even better. You did a great job! Thank you so much…”
Michel van der Voort, Managing Director, Screenforce, Netherlands.

"...the best I’ve ever seen. It was smart, well written, and it was at times, hysterically funny.”
Joe Erwin, President, Erwin Penland.

"The most provocative man in advertising."
Michael Gass, Fuel Lines

“...the most entertaining talk given during Advertising Week Europe (or any conference for that matter.”)

"Your presentation could not have been better...A beautifully articulated provocation to an industry that needs it."
Matt Dowshen, President, PNYC

“Let me once again say - BRAVO!... a highlight of the week.”
Erica Farber, President & CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau

“... the best presentation I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing, truly.”
Cam Green, CEO, GreenRubino

“Whether you like it or not, you now have disciples around the country who will be preaching your gospel.”
Bill Lavidge, CEO, The Lavidge Company

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