LATE NEWS...Type A Group Newsletter rated #7 among newsletters "you need to subscribe to" by Business Insider...Bob speaks with Pres. and CEO of Radio Advertising Bureau, Erica Farber, on the RAB podcast....

Bob was recently interviewed by the publisher of Mumbrella, Asia. You can read the interview here.

Bob's opening argument at the World Federation of Advertisers recent debate on Ad Tech is viewable here.

Problem of online "tracking" is discussed on The Breakfast Show in New Zealand. Watch it here.


The Irish Times
does a feature story about Bob's talk at the ADFX awards in Dublin, Ireland.

Bob is interviewed on national tv about big brands unwittingly sponsoring terrorist sites


Marketing Today
interviews Bob on the "State Of The Ad Industry."

Bloomberg/BusinessWeek quotes Bob on problem of ad fraud.

 Inc. magazine features Bob's views on marketers' obsession with millennials.

The Financial Times has one of the best pieces you'll ever read about online advertising with quotes from interesting ad people, including Bob. And a second piece here.

Entertaining interview with Bob about his book "Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey"

UK's The Register writes about Bob's misgivings concerning the effectiveness and value of online display advertising.


Bob is interviewed on Canada's public broadcasting network, the CBC.
Fortune magazine quotes Bob on the prevalence of fraud in online advertising.

New Zealand's Business Day reports on Bob's comments about the current state of online advertising.


Bob is interviewed on the StopPress podcast


The National Business Review reports on Bob's talk about the "digital delusion."


Bob goes all negative on the future of advertising.
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In this podcast by ASI, Bob is interviewed on the state of advertising.


Regardless of what The Age says, Bob says he's too young to be a legend.

Bob's on the radio here talking about ad blocking.

Business Insider names Bob one of the 30 top people to follow in advertising.

Business Insider reports on Bob's talk at Shift conference in London.


Creative Review prints Bob's POV on the ubiquitous cliché "the consumer is in charge."

MediaPost says "Hoffman is a voice of reason in our increasingly crazy world of advertising. His no bullshit, down to earth insight will have you questioning and reexamining everything you do."